Why Professional Water Damage Restoration Is The Only Way To Go

The most crucial aspect of any do-it-yourself endeavor is understanding your limitations. While certain tasks are manageable on your own, others call for the assistance of qualified experts. Professionals are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and tools to complete specific tasks efficiently and accurately, and this is the case when it comes to water damage restoration in Ames, Iowa. Here are just a few reasons why water damage restoration is best left to qualified professionals and not considered a DIY job.

  1. Safety

Depending on where the water that has caused damage in your home comes from, it is classified into different categories based on possible contamination levels. There are major health and safety risks associated with these different water categories. For instance, highly contaminated category 3 water (known as ‘black water’) can be extremely harmful if consumed or even just upon contact. If you do not have the right personal protective equipment, you run the risk of coming into contact with dangerous microorganisms. Water damage restoration of contaminated water requires adequate sanitization, and if the right procedures are not followed, the risk creates an unhealthy living environment.

Electrical shock is another major safety risk that arises during water damage restoration. If the electrical system in your home has been damaged by the water and the power is not turned off in the affected area, it could result in fatal outcomes. Certain safety precautions have to be followed when dealing with water and electricity, which is why water damage restoration is best left to professionals who are trained and experienced and know what steps to follow to ensure safety first. 

  1. Hidden Water Damage

Since a large portion of our plumbing systems and pipes that house water are hidden behind walls, in crawl spaces, beneath floors, etc., water damage and its extent are sometimes difficult to determine. Your home could sustain severe, prolonged damage if you try to handle water damage restoration yourself and fail to identify these areas of hidden water. Skilled experts are aware of where to search and what to look for to make sure that all the sources of water and hidden moisture are addressed and eliminated. Do not mess around with possible hidden water damage since excess moisture left in these places can cause mold growth and structural problems. Instead, let experts use professional-grade equipment like thermal cameras to locate areas of hidden water damage, and then employ the correct equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure every area of the home, even the places we cannot see, is thoroughly dried. 

  1. Save Time

Prioritizing your life and property is paramount when initiating water damage restoration. In order to prevent more damage and mold growth from occurring, you need to have the water removed and dried out as soon as possible. Water will take a lot longer to remove and dry entirely if professional equipment and techniques are not utilized. Your home will sustain more damage the longer water and moisture remain there. Rebuilding or structural repairs can be required, depending on the amount of damage your home has sustained, which will yield the best outcomes with professional services. In fact, with water damage restoration experts, you can be confident that not only will they remove the water quickly and dry the area out thoroughly, but they will also complete any needed repairs or rebuilds to get your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Ultimately, you want to know that your Ames home is in the greatest hands possible and is being properly cared for when you need water damage restoration, which is why the only way to go is to call the experts at Restoration 1 of Des Moines. Do not attempt to handle water damage restoration on your own, and instead let us take that burden off your hands.