Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage is one of the worst disasters that can affect your property and can lead to long-term issues if it isn’t dealt with immediately. Don’t let the aftermath of water damage take control of your life.

Instead, contact the experts at Restoration 1 of Des Moines. We’ve dealt with water damage issues great and small and will help you win back control of the situation. Our proven processes executed by a highly certified team will ensure your property and lives are returned to normal.

Quality Services

Our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best water removal and restoration services so you can have confidence in your property once again.

Locally Owned & Operated

We know the unique water threats of the area as well as the best damage prevention and repair methods. We’re always prepared to answer your call 24/7.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take care of our people and treat our clients like neighbors. We’re never finished with our work until you’re 100% satisfied.

A Process You Can Trust

We’ve honed our proven water damage restoration process that’s executed precisely to deliver you the best results. Your life will be returned to normal in no time. When our experts arrive at your location, this is what you can expect will happen:

Beware Of Mold

When you’re dealing with water damage, you’re racing against the clock to prevent mold growth. Mold can grow at alarming rates, some within 24-48 hours following a moisture problem. Our swift and thorough water damage restoration process will ensure all sources of moisture are eliminated so mold growth is prevented.

We care about people and will do everything to make sure no one has to live in a place where mold exposure is a threat. When you need water removed or mold remediated from a property, just give us a call.

When you need water removed or mold remediated from a property, just give us a call. We’re also able to manage all remediation for sewage cleanups to prevent dangerous microbes from forming in the areas noted by sewage leaks.

The Restoration 1 Promise

3 Steps To Complete Water Damage Restoration


Call Now

Reach us 24/7 for an immediate response. We’ll be there as soon as possible.


Get Expert Help

We’ll take care of your property and address any damage that has occurred.


Peace of Mind

Your property is in the hands of professionals who will have you back to normal in no time.

You Deserve The Best Care

What sets us apart from other cleaning and restoration companies is our emphasis on employee care. We ensure they earn a liveable wage, receive great benefits, and are valued. We’ve found that when we take care of our employees, they’re better able to take care of you in your time of need.

You can have full confidence that when you call Restoration 1 for all your water damage restoration needs, you’re getting a compassionate, highly qualified team on your side.