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Your Restoration Experts in Des Moines, Ames & Surrounding Areas

When you experience a loss in your home or business, it can be extremely stressful and disruptive. Managing insurance, the home, your family through a loss is confusing and challenging. Know that we work for YOU, to help you get your home back. Our commitment is to mitigate the damage with a level of expedience, compassion and service that exceeds your expectations. When our team finishes our work you will know that the issue is resolved and that the people who worked there cared about you, your family and your home.

The Restoration 1 Promise

Our Mission

We believe restoration services should be people-focused.

When disaster happens, we treat our customers like our neighbors.

We lead with compassion and expertise to bring order in times of chaos.

Our Values

We work to fix the WHOLE problem.

Our work doesn’t stop at fixing water, fire, or mold damage. We’re also here to understand, comfort, and support the people we help. Our reputation is everything, and we’ve built the business so that every time we make the right and honest decision, everyone benefits.

We are PEOPLE people.

In every situation, we’re totally focused on serving the person right in front of us.

We care about YOUR story.

We’ve seen a million restoration projects, but none of those were your home or business. We’re here to listen first, to discover what’s important to you, and then work to make things right.

We LIVE in our community.

We live in the communities we serve, and all our work is local. By helping our neighbors through times of crisis, we’re making our community a better place to live. The more we help our communities, the more we grow.

We see everyone as an ALLY in the process.

We intentionally work with everyone to make sure our customers get back to normal as fast as possible.

Your Trusted Restoration Experts in DSM

We have experienced, background-checked team members to work in your homes. We carry certifications in water, mold and fire – you can be confident that we are professional experts that can restore your home. And we invest in continual training, education and certifications to make sure our staff bring up-to-date industry practices and expertise to safely and quickly mitigate your damage.

Our commitment to the DSM community is customer satisfaction and safety. We partner with skilled, reputable local tradespeople to make sure your home gets put back together by people invested in their neighbors.

Whenever disaster strikes, you can count on Restoration 1 to respond immediately, and to be by your site until your property is restored back to normal. 


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Lisa Yegge

Restoration 1 was great to work with...Claire, Becky, Todd and Donovan! In cleaning up a property, they clearly explained their services, all staff were professional, timely in completing the project and there were no surprises upon completion of the job. Thank You!

Kelsey McSorley

Becky and Claire (and team) were absolutely amazing to work with. They were extremely understanding and sympathetic and did everything they could to fix our water issues and ease our minds. I would not recommend any company more than I would this one! Could not be more thankful for them or impressed with the work they did.

James Carlson

The staff was beyond professional and prompt turning what was a bad situation into a composed and efficient solution. Having only lived in my new home for a few months I was devastated to deal with water damage and the prevailing avalanche of issues that would soon be burdening my days. However from minute one I was relieved to have Restoration 1 of Des Moines quickly and calmly take control. Something that should have cost 10X the amount and involved days maybe weeks of service was fixed in a fraction of the time and cost. 5 stars is not enough to recognize this incredible company and its employees, in today's lackluster customer service experiences this was a refreshing and needed look into what service should and can be.

Dianne Bell

We used Restoration 1 to fix water damage after a plumbing leak and were extremely happy with their work. It was a tricky repair because of the location of the damage (under the utility sink cabinet). The floor had totally rotted out. The tech, Becky, arrived promptly and was able to quickly assess the damage and make the repairs. The floor shape was irregular, which made the repair not so straightforward. She was able to precisely cut to the shape needed, install the new floor and finish it up. It was much cleaner when she left than when she arrived! Super friendly and courteous!

Richard Snyder

All the people who worked on my home, Claire, Becky, Todd, Donovan and Matt were very knowledgeable and professional. The task seemed daunting to me, but Restoration 1 made it much less stressful.

A while back I heard advice given to a new business owner that if you do three things your business will be a success. 1) Show up when you say you'll show up. 2) Do the work you say you are going to do. And 3) Charge what you say you're going to charge. This is exactly what Restoration 1 has done for me. I wish them huge success in the future.

Amber Eastwood

Claire came so quickly to help us when we found a water spot in our ceiling. I cannot recommend them enough. She was super knowledgeable and so helpful!!

Jaz K.

The folks that did the cleanup were awesome. Claire, Becky and Dan were very professional and did an awesome job. We had water damage from the freeze in February and they did not leave until everything had been taken care of. Awesome folks did an awesome job and very courteous. would use them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to anyone who needed clean up.

Michael Kirkpatrick

This is an excellent crew and people! They did a wonderful job during a freeze here in Texas. We had one pipe that had burst, and they came in, cleaned up the area, and had the water restoration done perfectly. I cannot emphasize how good they did during this time.! I would recommend them again with no hesitation.