Humidity In Water Damage

water damage restoration des moinesWhen looking to restore the aftermath of some water damage, there is a very important thing to keep in mind while navigating the mitigation and recovery process. Humidity can play a critical role in this restoration process, so it is important to understand how humidity can affect the overall success of efforts made to restore water damage. Humidity can influence different parts of the process and could also cause long-term damage.

Humidity And Moisture In Water Damage – Des Moines

Humidity, moisture, and water damage are all closely correlated. All three of these factors can play big roles in the damage to physical property and in the harm to people’s health. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and moisture in the air comes from water that has evaporated. Which is why humidity, moisture, and water damage are all intertwined. They influence and affect each other even within the restoration process. Restoring water damage effectively requires all three to be managed properly.

High Humidity In Water Damaged Areas

Humidity in water-damaged areas can impact a number of things. Having a lot of humidity in an area can make the process of drying out water damage take longer, which works against the timeline of trying to restore water damage quickly. Drying is a crucial part of the restoration process, and if it takes a long time to dry the affected areas out, it will prolong the entire restoration process. Dehumidifiers and air movers play a very important role in the drying-out process, but they work best when the humidity can be controlled in the areas affected by water damage.

How To Measure And Monitor Humidity

Restoration companies understand the impact of moisture and humidity when they are combating water damage. Because of this, they have to be able to measure moisture throughout the restoration process. Restoration companies use moisture meters to check moisture levels during the drying stages to ensure that all of the extra moisture has been dried or removed.

Professional Assessment

Calling a team of professionals to assess humidity levels when water damage occurs offers different advantages. Restoration companies train and educate their teams to be experts in their field, meaning they need to understand the restoration process in a variety of different environments. They also already have the equipment needed to be able to properly assess humidity levels, allowing them to have a more timely response. This also gives them a better approach to tackling the strategies of water damage restoration.

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