Why DIY Water Damage Repair Is Never A Good Idea

water damage cleanup des moinesDiscovering water damage in your home is not good and will likely fill you with frustration and stress. It is vital to move forward with caution as you decide what to do about it. You may be tempted to try to fix it yourself to avoid having to pay for a water damage restoration company to fix it for you. However, this would lead to a series of problematic events that will become even more costly. 

Water Damage Cleanup—Des Moines, Iowa

The following are reasons why you should call a professional company such as Restoration 1 of Des Moines instead of attempting your own DIY water damage restoration project.

Professional Equipment Is Needed And Preferable

A towel might be enough to wipe up a small spill on your floor, but not when more extensive water damage occurs. Soaking up what you can see and aiming electric fans at the area will likely not get everything completely dry. Water damage often affects places you do not see or touch, such as your walls, ceiling, and floors. Once it is there, it is a pain to get completely dried. Professional-grade equipment and expertise are required to know that everything has been dried and cleaned and that no moisture remains.

Areas That Are Not Entirely Dry Risk Growing Mold

Mold can begin to form in damp areas of your home in as little as 24 hours. If water damage has occurred and is stuck in your drywall, insulation, or any parts of your house that do not dry quickly, mold is likely to form and then spread. This can be detrimental to your health, especially if you have any asthma, respiratory system issues, or other health risks. Mold is not a problem that you can expect to go away on its own, so it is important to hire professionals to ensure your health is cleaned properly when water damage is repaired.

Water Contamination And Why You Should Avoid It

After a water damage or flooding has occurred, you might think you just want to charge in and clean it up yourself. However, this can be very dangerous depending on the water’s origin. Water from overflowing toilets or faulty appliances might contain bacteria or chemicals that can be extremely harmful if you come in contact with or consume them. Not only that but if water has touched any of your home’s electric wiring, it can put you at risk of electric shock if you are not careful. Standing water could be charged with electricity. Even small amounts of water can create an electric current if it touches anything with a charge. Stop the flooding at its source if you can. You may need to turn off your house’s electricity to be safe; ensure you do not touch the water. Call the professionals to come and figure out how dangerous the water is and help you repair the damage.

If you have experienced water damage or flooding in your home, call Restoration 1 of Des Moines to get it cleaned up and restored. Do not try to clean it up yourself because it can be incredibly dangerous. Let our team of experts take care of it for you.