Five Tips For Avoiding Winter-Related Water Damage

water damage restoration amesWhen winter comes, it’s important that you be prepared for all the new threats to your home that it poses. New issues like frozen pipes, ice dams, and collapsed roofs all come into play. 

Water Damage Restoration Ames

From our water damage restoration professionals at Restoration 1 of Des Moines, here are five tips for how you can fortify your home against winter water damage threats. As you take these tips seriously and implement them before the cold weather sets in, you will be able to have more peace of mind during the winter months.

Check Your Basement

A basement is the #1 flood-prone area in a home. Get your basement inspected now before heavy snowfall. Any cracking in a foundation needs to be addressed. Cracks will allow water to creep in and lead to more issues. Cracking is a greater issue during the winter since water freezing and unfreezing inside tiny cracks in your foundation can cause cracks to expand and spread.


Insulation is a lifesaver throughout the cold part of the year. It can be used for many different purposes both to increase your comfort and prevent water damage. For one, placing insulation around your water pipes will decrease the likelihood of water freezing in them. This is a simple measure that can potentially save you from dealing with a huge water damage disaster. Insulation can also be used for exterior walls, attics, and basements to keep the heat in and prevent water damage. Don’t overlook the value of this simple tool!

Set Your Thermostat

Set your thermostat to a minimum temperature — at least 55 degrees — to help prevent your pipes from freezing. If you can, it’s best to use an electronic thermostat you can program to specific temperatures and specific times. That way, you don’t need to worry about remembering when and what to change your thermostat to.

Check Your Gutters

Keeping your rain gutters clear is an essential element of winter water damage prevention. When the snow melts it needs somewhere to go. Your rain gutters are designed to effectively divert water away from the base of your home. when they become clogged with debris and blockages, however, they are unable to do this. Make sure you clean out your gutters every couple of months and especially during the fall to prevent this from happening.

Check Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation undergoes a significant amount of strain during the winter. This occurs and water seeps into tiny, microscopic cracks and then repeatedly freezes and unfreezes.  Has your foundation been inspected if you are concerned with this happening to your home? Otherwise, you may be surprised to find water damage in your basement due to water gradually seeping in through your foundation.

Following all of the tips above should help keep your home safe from winter water damage. However, if damage does still occur for any reason, our team of dedicated water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of Des Moines is just a call away!